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Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to register for the Level I course. Let me explain what the course is all about. First, about Spiritual healing : Spiritual healing since long has meant "healing the soul by spiritual practices, i.e. meditating on the divine spark within one self". It had been realised by many enlightened persons that spiritual practices also induces a healing power into the hands of the practitioner so that he/she is able to heal physical, emotional and mental problems/diseases too. Subsequently, the technique seemed to be lost, until very recently it came back in the form of "Reiki" - a Japanese term denoting "Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy". One Mikao Usui of Japan is credited with rediscovering this "Divine Energy" around the year 1905. Later on, the teachings progressed thru the world ( around 1980). In short, then Spiritual healing is about healing the body and mind by touching with hands, and Reiki in particular involves "Attunements" - that is attuning your body to receive the Divine Healing Energy so that it flows through your hands and you can heal yourself or others by simply touching with hands. Second, about the courses here ( and what you will have to do): In the first level, you will learn the basics - hand positions etc. and what to do for healing simple ailments. The course involves ( you can view the details at the website: ) 4 separate attunements that will be performed by me at a pre-determined time settings mutually agreed upon by you and me. This is the crux of the whole course (you can learn the theory anywhere but the attunements have to be passed to you by a Reiki Master/Grandmaster). The attunement is what empowers you to become a channel of healing energy and ensures that what you channel to your patients is Reiki - the infinite source of divine energy. You will need to heal yourself for the next 21 days by touching yourself with hands at 25 different locations on your body. In the second degree course, symbols (mantras) are introduced as well as special techniques from other spiritual healing methods such as Pranic Healing (a yogic technique). An effective technique here is to heal your patients from afar - "Distant healing". Now you don't have to physically touch your patients - they can be far away - in another town or continent. ( In fact, I shall be attuning yourself into Reiki from another town by the distant method.) There are many other techniques to learn in this course ( again check out the website for details on this course) Upon completion of this course, you will find people responding very fast to your healings. Also, now you will devote less time for your own healing (about 45 minutes daily). Further attunements in this course will increase your healing energy vibrations to newer and deeper levels. ( a gap of 21 days must lapse between 1st and 2nd degree course, because your body and mind should not be subjected to stronger vibrations right from day one.) The third degree course is advanced training involving Reiki, Pranic and Esoteric healing methods. The attunements here take you into much higher spiritual development and you may be able to solve very serious health problems. Here, you will learn special meditations that should be a regular feature of your life from now on. ( spare 25 minutes of your daily time after this level). By completing this course you will have learnt almost all there is physical healing of the body and mind. Go for the Master's course when you want to teach Reiki to others. Here what's left to learn are only the attunement methods so that you will be able to attune others into Reiki energy for the level I, II and III. The Grandmaster course is taught when you ready to take your students to the Master's level. So, if you can spare 75 minutes for yourself everyday for the next 21 days, and are ready to take the First Level course