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 _____________________________ Mind Control in Gulf War/Time tripping thru vortexes.

Dr. Reich was best known for his discovery of a force he called "orgone" energy, orgasmic or life energy, the existence of which he proved in his lab. While this discovery in itself, associated with the Newtonian concept of "the ether," was not earth- shaking, he soon ran afoul of the medical authorities when he claimed his control of the life energy, the wave-form nature of the cosmic ether, cured cancer. In 1940s America, such a proclamation was certain to be a decree of professional suicide.

Still, Reich found practical uses for his wave-form energy to control and modify weather by modulating the amount of "orgone" within a storm. Varying amounts of orgone were found to reside in biological organisms as well as in every square inch of cosmic space. By using electromagnetic force fields, Reich was ultimately able to reduce the violence of natural storms, a feat he promptly and foolishly reported to the government. But the government had been closely following Dr. Reich's experiments and already knew what he could do. They asked for, and received, all his prototype equipment and research papers and quickly used the information to advance their own weather research. This research combined the radio meteorograph, a balloon lofted weather monitor, with Reich's "orgone buster" and produced the devices now known as radiosondes. In the 1950s, radiosondes were lofted by balloon into the atmosphere at the rates of about 200 per day. Despite the government's cover story that the radiosondes were lofted to gather weather data, no receivers for the transmitters aboard have ever been discovered and the government was able, through a chain of disinformation, to preserve the secrecy of the weather altering devices for over forty years. Even if radiosondes were used to nullify violent storms on the eastern seaboard, the potential exists to use them to actually create violent storms and to direct them toward specific targets, communities and factories or military bases, which research has been reported in the former Soviet Union for about thirty years. According to investigators who have pursued weather control,the joint RAFB/USAFB Woodbridge-Bentwaters, just north of London, England, was partially destroyed by a man-made storm. Huge tracts of lovely forest on and around the base were literally pulled out by the roots during a sudden, violent, localized storm of great intensity, a disaster which is lamented by citizens from nearby communities to this day. PHOENIX II: Research into mind control produces some dangerous and unexpected results: TIME-TRIPPING! Of all the mind-control experiments conducted in the 1970s and 1980s, those of the Phoenix Project produced some of the most bizarre and unexpected results. While they were primarily interested in altering the moods and behavior of test subjects, scientists at Phoenix quickly learned that they could beam specific controlled frequencies to produce specific mood changes and thought patterns.

Once they had learned this, they beamed those frequencies all over the New England area to see how they could alter the thoughts of local citizens. Those tests produced the results already discussed. Test subjects were bombarded with many different pulse rates and widths as scientists tried to determine which pulses made the person cry, laugh, sleep, violent, etc. They discovered that when the equipment was operating, the mood of everyone at the facility would change. From this they concluded that the person did not have to be in the direct path of the beamed frequencies to be affected by the mind control pulses. Their newly found weapon of RF power gave them a virtual doorway to the human mind! Next on the agenda was to discover what was inside and how they could alter it permanently. Unfortunately, several people died of massive brain damage during the early tests when exposed to long periods of intense pulses of microwave energy. After this problem was solved, the scientists began compiling a data base of pulses and frequencies that produced the results they were looking for and, by 1972, had developed a non-burning, non-lethal technology and began using it almost continually on military personnel and nearby communities.

A natural outcome of these experiments was changing the frequencies to see which produced the best results. From these rapid and random frequency change tests there emerged the first useful ideas and mechanics of time-tripping which would be used later to purposefully send test subjects out of this time/space continuum. By about 1975, shortly after cessation of hostilities in Vietnam, the Phoenix Project was in full swing with computers, a comprehensive data base covering a broad range of cause and effect, and all the new, powerful transmitters they required to begin beaming their subliminal transmissions over a large area of the American Northeast.

This pulse, when it can be heard above local noise, sounds like a diesel engine running at idle about a mile away and is just at the low end of human hearing. In some areas, a pulse attributed to Soviet experiments is at a very low frequency and sounds like a "woodpecker" at the 5Hz to 8Hz range on shortwave radios. This low pulse has been detected from Taos, New Mexico to the Seattle, Washington area and, most recently, in the New England area. New technology almost always produces unimagined side-effects and Phoenix was no exception. When directed at automobiles, certain pulses could cause engines to stop running and electrical instruments to malfunction. Even animals could be agitated to do strange things. So the scientists had not only a machine that could disable automobiles and machines of war, they had, by the early 1980s, built and programmed a device that would allow them access to the human mind and complete thought control over every citizen of the world. They could turn us on and off like lights, but further research was required to determine which switches needed to be on and in what order to produce the desired effect on a mass scale.

Help was already available and funds were pouring in from private and secret sources. Phoenix had a wealth of supporters, all of whom expected to reap great financial rewards from the new mind-control technology. Some contributors would gain from the manufacture and sale of the hardware and software; some would gain from sale of machines to the military; others would gain by programming consumers to purchase their advertised products and services. Apparently no one stopped to think of those who were going to lose: the people_those into whose minds the programs would be fed. But the most important discovery was just around the corner. While they were refining the mind-reading/thought control research, the scientists would stumble onto time-tripping .

Facilities were expanded, equipment upgraded, new Cray computers fed with synthetic human blood were installed to decode the messages returning from the brains of test subjects and translators were placed into the loop to convert the electrical signals into actual pictures which could be displayed on television monitors. The engineers, funded by some of the largest communications companies in the world, were able from that time to listen, read and watch the thoughts of their test subjects! They could hear and see what was going on inside their minds. They could join in conversations and record running dialogues. They could vary pulses to change the test subject's mood and actually see what the effect produced.

After refinements, the translator was changed into a transmitter; that is, the thoughts of the subject, instead of being merely recorded into a data base, were going to be transmitted to other test subjects who were conducting time- tripping experiments to give them a "real time" reference to present time Earth. This reference was found to be necessary so time-trippers would not become disoriented and lost in the quantum field which might produce images vastly different from those the test subjects recently left.

But the "dreamers" or "scanners" could not always lock onto images and hold them for long periods of time and several time- trippers were lost before the "real time" images were converted to computer images that could be locked on for indefinite periods.

It was at this point and with the aid of the Cray and IBM computers and the new "virtual reality" imaging technology that time-tripping became possible without the dangers inherent in the earlier systems which used human scanners who were unable to generate continuous images to those travelling through the quantum field. Theoretically, time moves in one direction only: forward. There are, however, very subtle shifts in time that most people cannot detect and of which only very astute and sensitive people are aware. One of these subtle shifts is the phenomena of deja vu or "second view." Another is precognition or viewing events in another time before they happen in this time. I experience these episodes so often that I don't even consider them unusual anymore. They are, as far as I can determine, good evidence that some people have existed in more than one time in the same lifetime and that the friends we gather here are gathered there as well. I suspect this construct would be a parallel universe since things there are as familiar as they are here, however, I am not certain in which of the realities the events actually occur first.

Once the time shifts and scan lock problems had been solved with computers, the scientists could conjure up a "pseudo-time" that would tie the time travellers to an Earth reality. This would keep them from getting lost and allow them to find their way back through the quantum field vortex being generated at the facility. But, because the computers could now generate images that appeared real and solid, the scientists realized they could project or broadcast them and cause people outside the facility to believe they were actually seeing creatures and machines interacting with them. These images were particularly apparent to people who had more than normal sensory perception and, because many of those people report what they think they see, the scientists have been able to compile a small list of potential receptors (espers) who generally incorrectly translate the images and pass them on to non-sensitive people.

This mind control through intermediaries (the espers) has been actively conducted since about 1975 or 1976 and accounts for almost all reports of alien abduction other than those incidents attributed to actual abduction by military or federal intelligence agencies for medical or psychological research.

The early tests, under the cover title of "The Seeing Eye" were conducted to determine how easily espers linked with computer- generated virtual images could influence the general population. The scanner or "Scannate" projects were born of this new technology and were employed by several different intelligence agencies during the cold war to find submarines, troop staging areas and underground facilities of the enemy. Some of them continue even now at secret bases in American western states.

The only purpose of the new technology being directed at American citizens is to load thoughts into their minds to make them do things they would not ordinarily do, including murder, suicide, madness, or purchasing items they do not want and cannot use. By 1984, as predicted by George Orwell, Big Brother was inside your head and you didn't even know it. SPACE ENOUGH AND TIME The first test subjects go through the vortex.

After the electromagnetic fields and computer-generated images were refined and perfected, the Phoenix Project scientists began conducting a series of comprehensive tests to determine how effective their subliminal transmission were on the general population. By 1980 they were transmitting mental images of hairy anthropoid creatures, flying saucers and grey aliens across a large area of North America. All the while they compiled vast data bases and continuously altered frequencies and programs.

Other departments were creating storms and hurricanes and causing floods and blizzards as they perfected their weather machines to be used (they claimed) as weapons of war. We wonder, since Americans became the test subjects, against whom they intended to wage this unholy war? Most certainly from 1980 until the present time, this war has been waged against Americans. The first hint of something new and exciting came early in 1980 when someone observed that an artificial event occurred before it was transmitted, and others were observed hours or days after they were broadcast. These astounding observations led the scientists and engineers to conclude that the broadcasts were getting lost in time and were being shifted or re-broadcast sooner or later than they should have been. Further investigation revealed that time shifting was, indeed, occurring. By reconstructing the events and tracing the cause of the shift, they were ultimately able to isolate and control the moment and duration of the shift. They had, by accident, discovered how to manipulate or "bend" time.