So where's a muthaphuka to begin
In the beginning there's only end
In the start there's the finish
And I eats all me spinach

So what have you to contend?

Current 93
Two and Three are Five
Are you Sirius
Are any of you alive?

Are you Dogons?
Running from the tribe?
Liber el ex vee
el vee ex is light

Sons of the Pharoes
Stick Horus in his eye
Hiram was the king of Tyr
and Solomon am I

Broken like a whiskey bottle
Dripping like a cunt
Electric dreams are hard to swallow
Have I been too blunt?

My rhyming scheme is juvenile
My meter's running out
Pedantic doggerel so infantile
That's why we call it improv

It's early in the morning
The dreams still echoe in my head
We are dogs chasing our tails
We are purple dye from snails

We are stardust
We are golden
We are billion year old carbon
And we've got to plagiarize our jargon

To go outside go inside
The macro in the micro
The macaroni in the microwave?
The marconi in the esplanade?

The macrocosm in the microcosm
The osm in chasm
Do you need a spanking now?
Is death one big orgasm?

Suffice it to say
The more I know the more I know I don't know
So who's to know?
And what's to show?
I could ramble on for hours

Secret clubs like Mouseketeers
And the orders of the Temple
But like Shirley now they're Black
What happened to your dimple?

Illumination comes from the
Dimmest light
or a sage named divinorum

A single lamp in a niche
Carved out in a crystal
Who brought the light?
Who feed us with fuitful knowledge?

Alcoholics Anonymous
Argentum Astrum
If you need our Daddy's love
All you have to do is ask himclick
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