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I am indicating here the general points to touch heal others for the most common problems.

Now that you are self-healing yourself, you can also give healing sessions to others. For common problems, you must give Reiki at least at four different times spread over four days or two days.

For acute problems, much more work may be needed. Over a period of time, giving Reiki at some particular points on the body has been found to be universally true for healing a particular problem. I am outlining some of the problems here and the corresponding body points for healing them.

You may try these Hands application for different problems:
( the numbers represent the body points I sent you. Aura level means you don't touch the point, only keep your palms about 2-3 inches over the point, i.e. you give Reiki in the Aura.)

Nose: Blow, choke etc. :Aura level on nose, then 1 -5.
Ears: local application, then 1-5 and Root Chakra 14/25.
Throat: Speech, Cough etc. 6,7 & back throid.
Breathing : 21,(if not possibe, then 9) and 11.
Stomach: Diarrhoea,constipation etc. 9,10,12,13 & 25.
Legs: 9 /22 and Hara & Root chakras.
Vomiting: 13, 9, 8, 6. (Sequence important)
Heart trouble: 9 and Navel. If breathing problem also, then 21 and 11. Sequence:  9, Navel, 11, 9, 21.
Spondilitis: 19 to 25. Armpits at Aura level and hands at Aura level.
Headache /migraine: 1 to 5 and 9/22.
Eyes: 1 to 5.
Unconsciousness: 9/22
Arthiritis: 24 and all along the legs.
Diabetes: Full body and 12.
Blood problem: Full body, all the 6 chakras , 12 and 23.
Injury:  nearest chakra. When bleeding stops, root chakra (14/25).
Burns : local Aura application.
Overweight: stomach points 9, 10 , 12 and 13.
Kidney stone: local ( may cause pain)
Toothache: local ( may cause pain)
Stammering: Back thyroid, 6 and 9/22.
Pregnancy: Stomach points.
Childbirth: 21.
Mental peace: 4.
Emotional balance: 9/22.
Physical energization: 14/25
Legs energization: 13/24.
Blood energization: 25.
Spinal trouble: 25.
Unknown problem: 4,9 and 25
Fever: 1-5, 9/22, Legs, foot soles and palms. Avoid the root chakra as this may cause increase in body temperature.

There could be many different applications is different cases, and because every person is so unique, you really need to vary the hand positions for individual persons. Let your intuition guide you, and remember that Reiki energy is itself smart and knows where to go.
You can certainly hasten the healing process for your loved ones at this stage, by regular touch healing sessions. Start with the AOG, and touch heal them at the points as above. It is best to touch heal your daughter when she is asleep. Usually, people tend to go off to sleep during a touch healing session, and this is a good sign, indicated that the energy has worked to relax them.