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Reiki Advanced Course ( level II) provides the participants with the opportunity to attune to higher levels of Reiki energy. The initiation  of the second degree also attunes a person to power keys or symbols which are used  at this level to perform absentee ordistant healing and a stronger form of mental/emotional healing.

The second degree intensifies the effects of your treatments, heals using the mental method, carries out absentee ( i.e. you will be able to heal without the need to maintain direct bodily contact) healing.

Second Degree Reiki grants you greater flexibility while increasing the effectiveness of treatments to a considerable extent. As the Second degree activates another level of energy, you will again experience a 21 day cleansing period, similar to the one experienced in connection with the first degree, as your body and different energy centres adjust to an even finer level of vibration.

Even in the second degree, the energy is drawn by the “healee” , not sent by the “healer”. With symbols, the practitioner actually forms a “bridge” between herself and the “healee”, so that the energy can be drawn as needed.

The Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols are sacred. It is part of the Reiki tradition that they be kept confidential. They are only revealed to those who have taken the Second degree Reiki and receive the attunement that empowers them.

Reiki symbols are like keys that open doors to higher level of awareness / manifestation. They can also be thought of as buttons, whenever you push one, you automatically get specific results. They are also thought of as Patterns of Energy , by those who like to take a scientific attitude to Reiki.

The symbols must be correctly drawn and correctly used to activate them. The arrows shown in the pictures indicate the direction in which the symbols are drawn.

First practice drawing the symbols on a paper. The symbols must be visualized in Golden light or Silver white light, so use a Golden ink pen to draw them.

When you can correctly draw the symbols well on paper from your memory, practice drawing the symbols in the air with your forefinger and middle larger finger together, keeping thumb and other fingers closed.

Finally, draw the symbols with thumbs on a body point. You do not have to actually touch the body, simply draw the symbol in the air over the body point while keeping other fingers and hand cupped over the body point.

1. The Power Symbol
Sacred name : Cho Ku Rei
( pronounce : CHO KOO REY )
Visualize and draw the symbol in golden light or white light.

The image shown are for the left and right thumbs ( mirror images), note the direction of movement. Learn to draw the symbols with both the left and right hands as mirror images of each other.You must draw at least four spirals in the symbol, the more spirals you draw - the more energy you release. Though , after a time, you will find your threshold at around 4-6 spirals.
The Cho Ku Rei is used to increase the power by 100%. It amplifies the focus. This symbol can be drawn over any part of the body.

The power symbol is used to increase the flow of energy. It can be used clear a room of negative psychic energy and seal it in light, making it a sacred place. It can be used to protect your home,  your car, your children, or anything you value. Because Reiki works on all levels, the protection it provides is also on all levels and includes protection from physical harm, verbal and emotional confrontations, and from psychic attack.

Literanl Meaning of Cho Ku Rei:

Cho - Curved Sword (sickle) which draws a curved line

Ku  -  To enter something and produce wholeness, to produce space where  nothing exits.

Rei -  Spirit essence, mystic power.

2.The Mental / Emotional Symbol
Sacred name: Sei He Ki
( pronounce : Sey Hey Kee )

Again notice the direction of movement. This symbol too is drawn by both hands as mirror images of each other. The pen or thumb would be picked after stroke 1 for stroke 2, and then again for stroke 3 and 4. As for every other symbol, the colour should be visualized as golden or silver white.

SEI HE KI breaks through or breaks Down that which is not in harmony. It breaks through our blockages and patterns on the aura level, emotional level, and establishes their harmony.

This symbol is used to do emotional and mental healing. Its use balances the right and left sides of  the brain, bringing harmony and peace. It is especially useful in healing  relationship problems. It can also be used with any sort of emotional / mental distress such as nervousness, fear, depression, anger, sadness etc.

This symbol can be used to heal addictions as well as problems with weight loss or smoking. It can be used to improve memory and is especially useful at those moments when one forgets where one left the car keys, or the name of the person you want to talk to. It can also be used to enhance the use of affirmations, causing them to enter more deeply into the subconscious mind.

Literal Meaning of Sei He Ki:

SEI :    State of embryo, things which are invisible

HE KI:  Root chakra to be balanced.

3. The Distant Healing Symbol
Sacred name : HON SHA ZE SHO NEN
( pronounce : as spelled above )
HON SHA ZE SHO NEN  acts as a bridge for energy to flow in the right direction. It is particularly important in absentee healing.

Draw this the same way for both the hands. There is no mirror image here, the strokes must move in the same direction for both hands or thumbs. Again the color visualized is golden or silver white.

( The arrows everywhere are shown to mark the direction of movement only, and are not part of the symbol.)

This symbol is used to send Reiki to others at a distance. This means that you can send it to people across a room, across town, or even in other parts of the country or the world.

Distance is no barrier when using this symbol. Sometimes a picture of the patient is used in conjunction with the symbol.

Literal Meaning of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

HON -  The centre, the source, the beginning

SHA -  Shining

ZE -  To walk in the right direction

SHO -  The goal, aim, honest being

NEN -  Silence, to be open in the deepest being of your nature.

Practice Guidelines for Level II - Self healing session:

The practice guidelines are the same as in first level Reiki training with the same hand positions.

The only difference is that you draw the three Reiki symbols with your thumbs on all the body points. The time at each hand position may also be halved if you feel the energy flow is slowing down or is diminishing. This may be after a minute or two.

You can also draw the Power symbol over the palm chakras to increase the flow. The attitude of Gratitude is also to be chanted at the start and close of a treatment as in the first level Reiki treatments.