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The CKRs are drawn with the right and left thumb in pair, simultaneously. The left and right should be mirror images of each other.
Begin by drawing the line at the top moving outward, then down and complete the spirals in the counterclockwise or clockwise directions. Since the two thumbs will be moving to draw the symbol as mirror images, it does not really matter whether you move clockwise or not. You are moving the thumb outwards, that is , away from the body.
Most body points are in pairs, so the left thumb ( and left palm) covers the left eye, and the right palm covers the right eye. And so on, for the rest of the body points.

Now, I would like you to learn the Karuna Reiki symbols. Please click the link below for these symbols. ( there are 8 symbols to learn to draw. Draw these in succession to the 3 traditional Reiki symbols. Leave out the OM).

After these, you may learn the Tibetan Reiki symbols. These are 4 symbols, but you need not commit these to memory yet. Use them only when you feel they should be useful.