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You may have practiced some pendulum dowsing methods earlier. The following dowsing method is being used in diagnosing chakra rotations and health.   

A pendulum is simply a thread of string with a crystal ( or a ring) tied at one end. You hold one end of the string in your index finger and thumb and allow the crystal at the other end hang freely over the chakra.   

To diagonose the front chakras, ask your client to lie on his back. To measure the back chakras, ask him to lie on his/her stomach.  

Hold the pendulum ( length about six inches) over the chakra and empty your mind of all bias as to the state of the chakra. ( this is the hardest part and requires practice).   

Be sure that the pendulum is close to the body but does not touch it. Your energy then flows into the field of the pendulum to energize it. This combined field of your energy and the pendulum then interacts with the field of the chakra, causing the pendulum to move.   

Watch the movement. This may be of the following main types, depending on the state of the charkra that you are testing : -   

1. Circular motion : clockwise - six inches in diameter. This denotes a healthy and well-balanced chakra that is open. If the motion is less than 6 inches, you need to give Reiki to the chakra.The size of the motion is indicative of the health of the open chakra.   

2. Circular motion : anticlockwise - any diameter. This is a closed chakra, indicating a problem area. The energy is not balanced at all, and the person has negative experiences associated with this chakra. You need to remove the block by pranic healing and then giving a full Reiki treatment here.   

3. Vertical ( along the body) - any length. This indicates moving feelings and energy towards the spiritual goal. ( your chakras are perhaps aligned this way, if you have surrendered personal will to God's will , I should say this is a good sign of spiritual development.)   

4. Horizontal ( perpendicular to the body) - any length. This means holding energy down and feelings down to avoid personal interactions. A strong block is indicated and much pranic and Reiki healing is needed.   

There can be variations in motion between these, like elliptical or haphazard. You can then analyse the state as between blocks to balance, or from closed to open.   

  As you give healing session, you can always check the state of chakras by this method and also to see if your client is progressing well. Thus, in a matter of few days, a closed chakra may turn its motion from anticlockwise to horizontal to 'still' to elliptical clockwise and finally to clockwise motion when the healing is complete.  

   I hope this helps you in diagnosing energy centres. But of course, since you can scan with the hands, this can only be an added help. Scanning with hands is so much better.