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There are a couple of more techniques to practive in this level. For tooday I would like to explain different techniques in Reiki to empower goals, heal addictions and relationship, and about beaming Reiki.


If you are not available when a person or event requires Reiki, you can programme it.

Write down the date, time , event or name of the person requiring Reiki. Also write down the result required. Declare the event or person receiving Reiki at the required date and time.


The distance symbol can be used to bridge time. You can send Reiki into the future by this symbol. If you know that you will be involved in an important activity in the future, and you know the date and time of the event, you can send Reiki to the event so that it will be there to help you when the time comes. When used in this way, Reiki energy stores up like a battery. When the time comes, the energy descends to surround and help you. People have used this technique to help themselves with job interviews, tests, journeys, trips to the dentist or surgical operations and other important events.


Reiki can be sent into the past. If you had a traumatic experience in the past, and you know the approximate date, you can use the distant healing symbol to send Reiki back to heal the trauma. It helps often if you have a picture of yourself close to the time the trauma occurred. If you do not have a picture or the date, Reiki will still work by simply naming the problem and asking that Reiki go the cause and heal it. This technique can also be used to heal problems that seem to stem from your past lives.


Another method of giving Reiki is by intention.

Express your intentions about a person, event or thing by writing it on a piece of paper as an affirmation and put it in a Reiki Box.

You may put several such intentions or goals in the box and give the box Reiki for at least 15 minutes each day or even twice a day.

For your major goals, however give Reiki separately. Use the Reiki Box for just the milder goals.


Visualize the persons not getting along well. Write their names on a piece of paper alongwith the three Reiki symbols as in programming. See them hugging and loving each other. Then give Reiki to the paper or picture. Permission from at least one of the persons, is however necessary before you heal the relationship.


The mental / emotional symbol can be used to change unwanted habits.

1. Write your name on a piece of paper alongwith the unwanted habit and the mental / emotional symbol , the distant healing symbol and the power symbol. You may also draw the Karuna Reiki symbols here. ( always use a Golden ink pen for drawing the symbols).

2. Fold the paper and hold it between your hands.

3. Give Reiki to the paper for about 10 minutes each day or twice a day depending on the urgency of the problem.

You may carry the paper with you. If you feel the unwanted compulsion coming up during the day, take the paper and give it Reiki for a few moments.


If you have been blocked in the achievement of a particular goal, it usually means that there is something to heal before you will be able to achieve it. In addition, the achievement of any goal will be easier if all its aspects are surrounded by the loving, harmony producing energy of Reiki.

1. Write your name on a piece of paper . Give your goal a name and write it down on the paper, or just describe it. If dates are involved, write them on the paper as well.

2. Now draw all the three symbols on top of the paper. Draw the power symbol on rest of the three sides.

3. Fold the paper and hold the paper between the hands. Give a Reiki treatment to the paper for at least 10 minutes, once or twice a day.

4. Continue to actively work to achieve your goal.

You will find everything working much better and easier. If the goal is in harmony with your higher good, you will easily achieve it.


It is possible , using the distant healing symbol , together with the mental / emotional symbol and the power symbol , to send Reiki to a person across the room. This can dramatically increase the amount of Reiki flowing through you to the client. Because you are completely outside the personís aura, Reiki treats the aura first before entering the physical body where it is needed.

It is also possible when doing beaming, to direct Reiki to specific areas. Just imagine that your hands are like radar dishes and that you are focusing Reiki on the area you want to treat. You can also direct it with your eyes by focusing visual attention on the area.

Beaming can be done at the end of a standard treatment, or by itself.