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Meditation on the Twin Hearts or Illumination technique is aimed at achieving cosmic consciousness or illumination. It is also a form of service to the world because the world is harmonised to a certain degree through the blessing of entire earth with loving-kindness.
The twin hearts refer to the Heart chakra which is the centre of the emotional heart and the Crown chakra which is the centre of the divine heart.
When the Crown chakra is sufficiently activated, its 12 inner petals open and turn upward like a golden cup, golden crown, golden lotus or golden flower to receive spiritual energy which is distributed to other parts of the body. It is also symbolized as the Holy Grail. The crown worn by kings and queens is but a poor replica or symbol of the indescribable resplendent crown chakra of a spiritually developed person.
The golden crown which is rotating very fast appears as a brilliant flame of light on top of one's heads. This is symbolized by the mitre worn by the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops.

When the crown chakra is highly activated, a halo is produced around the head. This is why saints of different religions have a halo around their head. Since there are different degrees of spiritual development, the size and brightness of the halo also vary.

When a person does Meditation on Twin Hearts, divine energy flows down to the practitioner filling him with divine light, love and power. The practitioner becomes a channel of this divine energy. In Taoist Yoga, this divine energy is called "heaven ki",  in Kaballah this is called the "pillar of light." referring to what clairvoyants literally see as a pillar of light. The Indian yogis call this pillar of light as the spiritual bridge of light or ''antakharana." The Christians call this the "descent of the Holy Spirit" which is symbolized by a pillar of light with a descending dove. In Christian art, this is shown in pictures of Jesus or the saints having a pillar of white light on top of their heads with a descending white dove. This is to symbolize the coming down of the divine energy. Spiritual aspirants who have practised this meditation for quite sometime may experience being enveloped by dazzling, sometimes blinding, light or his head filled with dazzling light.
This has been a common experience among advanced yogis and saints of all religions. If you study the holy scriptures of different religions, you will notice the similarity in their experiences. The crown chakra can only be sufficiently activated when the heart chakra is first sufficiently activated. The heart chakra is a replica of the crown chakra. When you look at the heart chakra, it looks like the inner chakra of the crown chakra which has 12 golden petals. The heart chakra is the lower correspondence of the crown chakra. The crown chakra is the centre of illumination and divine love or oneness with all. The heart chakra is the centre of higher emotions. It is the centre of compassion, joy, affection, consideration, mercy and other refined emotions. It is only by developing the higher refined emotions that one can possibly experience divine love. To explain what is divine love and illumination to an ordinary person is just like trying to explain what is colour to a blind man.

There are many ways of activating the heart and crown chakras. You can use physical movements or hatha yoga, yogic breathing techniques, mantras or words of power, and visualization techniques. All of these techniques are effective but are not fast enough. One of the most effective and fastest ways to activate these chakras is to do Meditation on Loving-Kindness, or bless the whole earth with loving-kindness. By using the heart and crown chakras in blessing the earth with loving-kindness, they become channels for spiritual energies, thereby becoming activated in the process. By blessing the earth with loving-kindness, you are doing a form of world service. And by blessing the earth with loving-kindness you are in turn, blessed many times. It is in blessing that you are blessed. It is in giving that you receive. This is the law!

A person with a sufficiently activated crown chakra does not necessarily achieve illumination for he has yet to learn how to activate the crown chakra to achieve illumination. It is just like having a sophisticated computer but not knowing how to operate it. Once the crown chakra has been sufficiently activated, then you have to do meditation on the light, on the mantra Om or Amen, and on the interval between the Om's or Amen's. The concentration should be focused not only on the mantra but especially on the interval between the two Om's or Amen's. It is by fully concentrating on the light and the intervals (moments of silence) between the two Om's or Amen's that illumination is achieved!

With most people, their other chakras are quite activated. The basic chakra, hara chakra, and solar plexus chakra are activated in practically all persons. With these people, their instincts for self-survival, sex drive and their tendency to react with their lower emotions are very active.
With the pervasiveness of modern education and work that require also the use of the mental faculty, the ajna ( third eye) chakra and the throat chakra are developed in a lot of people. What is not developed in most people are the heart chakra and the crown chakra. Modern education, fortunately, tends to over-emphasize the development of the throat chakra and the ajna chakra or the development of the concrete mind and the abstract mind. The development of the heart has been neglected. Because of this, you may encounter a person who is quite intelligent but very abrasive.  

This type of person has not yet matured emotionally or that his heart chakra is quite under-developed. Although he is intelligent and may be successful, but in his human relationships he may be very poor, have hardly any friend and may have no family. So by practising Meditation on Twin Hearts, a person becomes harmoniously balanced. It means that the major chakras are more or less balancedly developed. Whether the abstract and concrete mind will be used constructively or destructively depends upon the development of the heart chakra. When the solar plexus chakra is overdeveloped and the heart chakra is underdeveloped or when the lower emotions are active and the higher emotions are underdeveloped, then the mind would likely be used destructively. Without the development of the heart in most people, world peace would be an unattainable dream. This is why the development of the heart should be emphasized in the educational system.

Persons below 18 years old should not practice Meditation on Twin Hearts since their body cannot yet withstand too much subtle energies. This may even manifest as physical paralysis in the long term. Persons with heart ailment, hypertension or glaucoma should also not practice Meditation on Twin Hearts since it may worsen their condition. It is important that persons who intend to practise regularly Meditation on Twin Hearts should practise self-purification or character-building through daily inner reflection. Meditation on Twin Hearts not only activates the heart chakra and the crown chakra but also the other chakras. Because of this, both positive and negative characteristics of the practitioner will be magnified or activated. This can easily be verified by the practitioner himself and through clairvoyant observation.


1. Cleansing the Etheric Body through Physical exercise.
Do physical exercise for about five minutes to cleanse and energize your etheric body. Light greyish matter or used-up prana is expelled from the etheric body with exercise. Physical exercises also minimize possible pranic congestion since Meditation on Twin Hearts generates a lot of subtle energies in the etheric body.

2. Invocation for Divine Blessing. You can make your own invocation. Here is one example: Lord, I humbly invoke Thy divine blessing! for protection guidance help and illumination! With thanks and in full failh!

Invoking the blessing of Divine Providence or one's spiritual guide is very important. Every serious spiritual aspirant usually has spiritual guide(s) whether he is consciously aware of them or not. The invocation is required for one's protection, help and guidance. Without the invocation, the practice of any advanced meditational technique can be dangerous.

3. Activating the Heart Chakra - Blessing the Entire Earth with Loving-Kindness. Press your front heart chakra with your finger for a few seconds. This is to make concentration on the front heart chakra easier. Concentrate on the front heart chakra and bless the earth with loving-kindness. When blessing, you may visualize the earth as very small in front of you. You may use the following blessing:

BLESSING THE EARTH WITH LOVING-KINDNESS From the Heart of God, Let the entire earth be blessed with loving-kindness. Let the entire earth be blessed with great joy, happiness and divine peace. Let the entire earth be blessed with understanding, harmony, goodwill and will-to-do-good. So be it! From the Heart of God, Let the hearts of all sentient beings be filled with divine love and kindness. Let the hearts of  all sentient beings be filled with great joy, happiness and divine peace. Let the hearts of all sentient beings be filled with understanding, harmony, goodwill and will-to-do-good. With thanks, so be it!  

For beginners, this blessing is done only once or twice. Do not overdo this blessing at the start. Some may even feel a slight pranic congestion around the heart area. This can happen if the etheric body is not sufficiently clean. Apply localized sweeping to remove the congestion.
This blessing should not be done mechanically. You should feel and fully appreciate the implications in each phrase. You may also use visualization. When blessing the earth with loving-kindness, visualize the aura of the earth as becoming dazzling bluish pink. When blessing the earth with great joy, happiness and peace, visualize people with heavy, difficult problems, smiling, their hearts filled with joy, faith, hope and peace. Visualize their problems becoming lighter and their faces lightening up. When blessing the earth with harmony, goodwill and will-to-do-good, visualize people or nations that are on the verge of fighting or fighting each other and reconciling. Visualize these people putting down their arms and embracing each other. Visualize them being filled with good intentions and the will to carry out these good intentions. This blessing can be directed to a nation or group of nations. Do not direct this blessing to infants, children or persons because they might be overwhelmed by the intense energy generated by the meditation.

4. Activating the Crown Chakra - Blessing the Earth with Loving-Kindness. Press the crown with your finger for several seconds to facilitate concentration on the crown chakra and bless the entire earth wide loving-kindness. When the crown chakra is sufficiently opened, you will feel something blooming on top of the head and may also feel certain pressure on the crown. After the crown chakra has been activated, concentrate simultaneously on the crown and heart chakras, and bless the earth with loving-kindness several times. This will align both chakras, thereby making the blessing much more potent.

5. Achieving Illumination : Meditation on the Light, on the Aum or Amen, and the Interval between the Two Aums or Amens. To achieve illumination (expansion of consciousness), visualize a point of dazzling white light on top of your head and simultaneously chant mentally or loudly the word Aum (Ah—omm—) or Amen (Ah—men—) and concentrate on the intervals (moments of silence) between the two Aums (Amens), while maintaining the point of light. Do this meditation for 10 to 15 minutes. When you can fully concentrate simultaneously on the point of light and on the intervals between the two Aums, you will experience an "inner explosion of light." Your entire being will be filled with light! You will have your first glimpse of illumination and first experience of divine ecstasy.
To experience Buddhic consciousness or illumination is to experience and understand what Jesus meant when He said: "If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light" (Luke 11:34). "For behold, the kingdom of heaven is within you" (Luke 17:21). For some people, it may take years before they can experience an initial glimpse of illumination or Buddhic consciousness. For others it may take only months while for some others, only weeks. In the case of a very few, they achieve initial expansion of consciousness on the first few tries. This is usually done with the help from spiritual guides, "elder" or a facilitator.
When doing this meditation, the aspirant should be neutral. He should not be obsessed with results or filled with too much expectations. Otherwise, he will be actually meditating on the expectations or the expected results rather than on the point of light, the Om and the intervals between the two Om's.

6. Releasing Excess Energy- After meditation, it is important that the excess energy should be released by blessing the earth with light, loving-kindness peace and prosperity for several minutes until you feel your body is normalized. Otherwise, the etheric body will become congested and the meditator will experience headaches and chest pains. The visible body will deteriorate in the long run because of too much energy. Other esoteric schools release the excess energy by visualizing the chakras projecting out the excess energy and the chakras becoming smaller and dimmer, but this approach does not utilize the excess energy into constructive use. 7. Giving thanks.

After meditation, always give thanks to the Divine Providence and to your spiritual guides for divine blessing.

8. Further Release of Excess Energy and Strengthening the Body through Massage and more physical exercise. After meditating, massage your body and do physical exercise for about five minutes to expel more used-up prana from the body and, thus, to further release, cleanse and Strengthen the visible body. This will also facilitate the assimilation of the pranic and spiritual energies, thereby enhancing the beauty and health of the practitioner. Massaging and exercising after meditation also reduce the possibility of pranic congestion in certain parts of the body which may lead to illness. You can also gradually cure yourself of some ailments by doing exercises after doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts. It is very important to exercise after meditation; otherwise, the visible physical body will inevitably weaken. Although the etheric body will become very bright and strong, the visible physical body will become weak because it will not be able to withstand the leftover energy generated by the meditation. You have to experience it yourself to fully appreciate this.

Some people have the tendency not to do physical exercises after meditation but to continue savouring the blissful state. This tendency should be overcome; otherwise, one's physical health will deteriorate. Sometimes when a spiritual aspirant meditates, he may experience unusual physical movements for a limited period of time This is quite normal since his etheric channels are being cleansed.
The instructions may seem quite long but the meditation is short, simple and very effective! It requires only about 20 minutes excluding the required time for the physical exercises.

There are many degrees of illumination. The art of "intuiting" or "direct synthetic knowing" requires constant meditation for a long duration of time. When a person meditates on the Twin Hearts daily or regularly, his major chakras and auras will increase in size, making his energy body more dynamic and stronger. Several hours after meditation, the chakras and the auras will gradually normalize to almost their former sizes, but if this meditation is practised daily for about a year, the size of each chakra will increase from three or four to about six inches or more in diameter, while the inner aura will expand fron five inches to about one to two meters or more in radius. This is due to the cumulative effects of regular meditation.

A healer with big chakras and inner aura is powerful and can heal most minor ailments very quickly and almost instantaneously. A proficient healer should have at least an inner aura of one metre in radius, and an advanced healer, about three metres. A powerful radiatory  healer can have an inner aura of at least 50 metres in radius. A person with big chakras and inner aura is just like a big pump while a person with smaller chakras and inner aura is just like a mini pump. So, it is very advantageous to practise this meditation daily or regularly.
Having a powerful and dynamic energy body not only enhances one's healing powers but also increases one's effectivity and productivity in his work.  You may have observed that successful people have usually bigger chakras—about five or six inches or more—and an inner aura of about one or more metres. People who have magnetic personality or great charisma usually have bigger chakras and inner auras than ordinary people and tend to have a strong influence over most people. --------------------------------------------------