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   Now, let us cover today the scanning and chakra balancing processes.
Some practice is required for scanning and you will feel the aura quite well in a few days.

Scanning :


The attunement process not only opens the chakras so that Reiki can flow, it also increases intuition and heightens sensitivity to psychic energy. Using the chakras in the palms of your hands, it is possible to sense where a person needs Reiki.

1. Start with the attitude of Gratitude. Ask your Reiki spiritual guides that you may be shown the places that need Reiki.

2. With you left hand held two to four inches above the body, start with your right hand at the head.

3. Gradually move the right hand down the body. Be aware how the energy in the palms of your hands feels. If you feel a coolness, or a sense of distortion or irregularity in the energy field, you have detected a place that needs Reiki.

4. When you find the irregularity, raise and lower your hands up and down at this place until you find a height where you feel the most distortion.

5. Bring both hands together at this spot and channel Reiki. Remain at this spots until you feel the energy flow subsiding.

6. Then continue scanning with your hand until you find another distortion. Administer Reiki at this spot. Continue in this manner until you have covered the whole energy field. By scanning and healing the energy field, you will have increased the client’s ability to receive Reiki during a standard treatment. If  you are going to do both, scanning, as well as a standard Reiki treatment, scanning should be done first.

Self Scanning:


The scanning process can also be done to yourself. Follow the same steps as above, looking for distortions and administering Reiki to them when you find them. Self scanning can bring into your consciousness those aspects of  yourself that you were not aware of. You will get to know yourself better and be shown new levels of yourself that need healing. Be kind to yourself. Accept whatever is shown to you without judgment or blame. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Be ready to forgive and let love in. This can be an intimate process making you aware of deeper needs, increasing your sensitivity and facilitating personal growth.


Chakra Energy Balancing


In full body Reiki treatment, all the chakras are covered.
Chakras are energy centres which are vital to the healthy functioning of the person - physiologically, emotionally and also spiritually. It is important that these centres be closed at the conclusion of a Reiki treatment, other wise they are wide open after the treatment. So always remember to close the treatment by moving hands up and down over them, as well as to seal the treatment by drawing anti-clockwise spirals with the finger all around the body of the client.