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Pranic healing is an ancient art of healing which utilizes  'prana' or vital energy to heal the physical body. It involves the manipulation of ki and bioplasmic matter of the patient's body, and has also been called Medical QiGong, psychic healing, and charismatic healing.

Clairvoyants, with the use of their psychic abilities have observed that every person ( even inanimate objects) is surrounded and interpenetrated by a luminous energy body called the bioplasmic body, also termed the etheric body or etheric double. Science, with the use of Kirlian Photography has also redisovered the bioplasmic body. It is through the bioplasmic body that prana is absorbed and distributed throughout the whole physical body. There are fine invisible bioplasmic channels just like the blood vessels of the physical body. In Yoga, these are called ' nadis'. Through these channels or nadis flows prana or ki that nourishes the body.

Pranic healing is based on the premise that disruptions in the flow in the nadis, the bioplasmic channels or the chakras leads to dis-ease in the physical body, and a simple manipulation of the ki can heal the body naturally and with the minimum of effort or discomfort.


1. The cleansing or removing the diseased bioplasmic matter from the affected chakra and diseased organ.
2. Energizing of the patient's body with prana or vital energy.

As Reiki healers, we are proficient with energising the body with spiritual energy, therefore it is the first principle we shall discourse on in this lesson.

Cleansing is necessary to remove the devitalized diseased bioplasmic matter in the whole body or in the affected part and to removed blockages in the nadis. The health ray are cleansed, combed and strenghtened.
Cleansing is also necessary to facilitate the absorbtion of prana or ki by the affected part. Energizing without first cleaning the part to be healed is just like pouring fresh tea to a cup that is already filled with stale tea. This approach can be quite slow and wasteful. Fresh ki cannot flow easily to the affected part since the part is filled with diseased matter and bioplasmic channels are blocked.

By cleansing the affected part and then energizing , therefore the healing takes place much faster and with minimum of discomfort or radical reaction by the patient.

In simple cases, cleansing the bioplasmic body is enough to heal the patient, while in most cases energizing is always necessary.


1. Scanning the patient's aura
2. Cleansing the aura - general and localized
3. Energizing  - Regular Reiki treatment
( here is where we deviate from the strict Pranic healing method wherein the pranic healer utilizes the energy from the air, ground, tree or the Sun)
4. Stabilizing the projected ki
5. Releasing the projected ki.

1. Scanning the inner aura:

The inner aura is usually about 5-6 inches thick when healthy.
Proceed to feel tha aura with one or both hands. Keep your hand about 12 inches from the patient's body part or affected chakra and slowly bring  the hand down towards the body part. Concentrate on the centre of your palm - you will feel a slight pressure / tingling / warmth as you encounter the aura at about 5-6 inches. This may also feel as if you were moving your hand in air and then upon entering the aura the feeling changed as if you were moving your hand in water.

You have detected the aura of a healthy chakra or organ, if you could feel this at 5-6 from the physical body.

If you felf this higher, i.e more than 6 inches, you have detected energy congestion at the area which needs to be de-congested. On the other hand, if you felt the aura very low at say 2-3 inches or lower, you have detected energy depletion.

A congested area will need to be cleansed by localized sweeping, while a depleted area would need Reiki energizing.

This may be difficult to feel at first, but with  practice it would be quite effortless and obvious for you.
The scanning should be done over the whole body and specially wherever you feel the problem might be.
You can also start from the forehead of a person and slowly move your hand/s down the body. On the way down, be sensitive to sensations in your palms and you could effectively diagonse the condition of the aura.

2. Cleansing the aura:
The intention in aura cleansing is to remove the ill/diseased energy by simply scooping it out of the aura. The hands should be cupped while scooping and opened with fingers wide apart when disentangling the health rays within the aura.

Here is the exact procedure how the cleansing should be done:

General Cleansing:

The bioplasmic disposal unit is essential here, which is simply a small bucket /bowl of water that has a pinch of salt added to it. This works to absord the diseased bio-plasmic matter that you are removing from the patient's aura, as well as clearing your hands and arms of any ill matter they may pick up.

Localized cleansing:

Place your cupped hands or hand above the affected area. Concentrate on your hand and the affected part, then slowly sweep away and strongly flick the diseased bio-plasmic matter into a disposal unit. This is just like cleaning a dirty object.

The sweeping motion can be in any direction, vertical , horizontal or diagonal.
For simple ailments, apply localized sweeping 20-30 times. In most cases, your patient may feel total relief. Ask him to keep telling you how he feels and if the discomfort is shifting elsewhere. Follow his/her directions and continue sweeping till he or she feels substantial relief.

For severe cases, you may need to apply more sweeping upto 50-100 times. But let your patient guide you.
For children, you may need to do very little amount of sweeping. With practice and your superior spiritual growth, fewer motions of sweeping would be needed and you may even produce almost instantaneous & miraculous results.

( Some Indian Yogis and Saints in the Himalayas simply move their hand in an anticlockwise direction over the affected part and flick away the negative/diseased enegy into the air or ground and then move the same hand in a clockwise direction to energize the part.  And this produces instant to complete relief for the patient ! )

Here, again seek the help of your spiritual guides and angels, and thank them after you have perfomed the healings.

3. Energizing :

Having cleaned the aura by general and localized sweeping, wash your hands and proceed to give the standard Reiki treatment to energize the body.

4. Stabilizing the projected ki:

One of the potential problems in Pranic healing is the instability of projected prana, which tends to leak out causing possible recurrence of illness after some time. This is overcome by stabilizing the projected energy:

Having given the Reiki treatment, stabilize the affected part or chakra by visualizing light blue energy over the part, and willing or instructing the energy to stabilize and remain.

5. Releasing the projected ki.

You will notice that while it is easier to be detached when healing strangers rather than one's own children, relatives or close friends. This is because of our tendency to be overconcerned and anxious with the result, because of emotional attachment. This attachment is seen clairvoyantly as an etheric or energy cord linking the healer to the patient. Because of this cord, the projected energy tends to return to the healer, therefore the patient needs more and more healing sessions and recovers slowly rather than rapidly.

To avoid this, the healer should visualize herself cutting the etheric cord with a pair of imaginary scissors or a knife. Also, it is best not to think about the patient immediately after the healing session.

Under normal circumstances, when the healer is calm and detached ( but not indifferent to the patient), the projected energy is released and the etheric cord is automatically cut.

Cutting the etheric cord should always be done just after you have ended the session and chanted the AOG.

Pranic healing is very effective and can be learned easily by most people, and is quite safe as long as you follow the given guideline and procedures. It would prove beneficial if taught to students of Reiki II class. More advanced techniques like the Psychic Surgery can be taught in the Reiki III class when the students can heal more serious problems.