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I am outlining here an effective mind-to-mind healing technique, also termed as the Mental Healing Technique.

The mental healing technique helps to release the negative conditioning from past experiences. Often in life, we have reacted to certain circumstances in a negative way. When similar circumstances arise, instead of approaching them with an open mind, we usually react in what has become a ‘pattern’ , even if such a reaction is inappropriate. ‘Negative’ experiences also tend to programme us in unconscious ways. Sometimes we find ourselves reacting to situations without any forethought. The mental healing technique helps to release these patterned responses.

Much of the time, physical illness is caused by the mind being out of synchronization with the spirit. Using appropriate affirmations during the mental treatment can work wonders. The second degree student can also use this technique on him or herself, which helps develop clear and intuitive faculties as the old patterns are cleared away.

Mental / psychic treatment:

1. Ask the person to sit comfortably on a chair or stool with his eyes closed and palms on knees.

2. Chant the attitude of Gratitude.

3. Come to the back.

4. Visualize yourself as being covered in white light.

5. Protect yourself, by drawing the mental / emotional symbol in the air and then covering yourself by the power symbol.

6. Draw the power symbol on the 5th point ( back of the head position) of the person.

7. Draw the mental / emotional symbol on the seventh vertebra ( the cervical), i.e. just above the throat back.

8. Draw a small power symbol over it.

9. Take the 4th point on yourself ( third eye chakra), visualizing the person as cured. Give Reiki to yourself for at least 15 minutes.

10. Disconnect as in the Distant Healing technique and close by chanting the attitude of Gratitude.

If you are performing distant psychic treatment, draw the distant healing symbol and continue as above. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Now, the following is a technique that helps keeps your home and working area free of ill- or diseased energies.

Since you are healing many different people, it is important that you clean and energize your healing area/room and home with the Reiki symbols. This is to release all negative or ill energy left behind by people from yourself and the room/s.

Energizing your work place and home:-

The power symbol may be used in conjunction with the anti-virus (Motor-Zanon) symbol to energize and release negative energies from your home or work place/office/business establishments.

1. Chant the attitude of gratitude.

2. Protect yourself with the mental / emotional symbol and power symbol.

3. Draw the anti-virus symbol in the air in the centre of the room, and chant its name three times, to clear the room of negative energies.

4. Draw the power symbol on each wall, floor and the ceiling, chanting the name three times. Use your left hand to feel the energy reflecting back from the walls.

5. Close by blessing the room with love and light, and by chanting the attitude of Gratitude.