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The distant healing technique is the most important and exciting part of level II course. I outline here the exact process of distant healing that you can do. It is very important to protect yourself in the begining and disconnect at the closing of a session, when distant healing anyone else.

Distant or Absentee Healing

Distant or absentee or remote healing means that you can heal without direct bodily contact. This healing can be put to use when you can not be physically present with the person needing the healing, such as someone in a hospital, or living far away in a different town or country. It can be transferred to anyone on earth or in the universe. It is also a method that can be put to use immediately when you are asked for treatment by phone/fax or mail.

Always make a note of both the christen as well as the surname of the person, as these will be needed during the distant treatment. If the person is unknown to you, a characteristic photograph of the patient will be necessary, or at least, very helpful. This photograph should be at your disposal along with the person's full name. But you may also try a treatment in an urgency with just a general description of the person. There are many way to use the distant healing symbol and to do the distant healing. The most common and effective one is outlined here and a few more mentioned.

1. Chant the attitude of Gratitude

2. Protect yourself : Draw the mental / emotional symbol with the Reiki fingers in the air in front of you. Draw the power symbol , wrapping your self in it. This is like covering yourself from Crown to Root chakra with a blanket of the two symbols.

3. Bring your hands to your right thigh ( or the left , whichever is comfortable for you), declaring your thigh as the body of the person you are sending distant Reiki to.

4. Draw the distant healing symbol with your thumb. Chant the name of the symbol three times. Now draw the mental / emotional symbol and chant the name three times. Finally draw the power symbol and chant the name of the symbol three times.

5. You may draw the power symbol and chant the name three times more for increased flow of energy. You may also draw the Karuna Reiki and Tibetan Reiki symbols when you feel the person would benefit by these symbols as well.

6. Give Reiki for at least 10 minutes or till you feel the flow subsiding.

7. Close with folded hands and chant the attitude of Gratitude.

8. To disconnect, move one hand forward and the other backward from the folded position. If you can communicate by a phone call, ask the person how and where he felt the energy on his body. If the person was receptive during the time, he or she may have felt some sensation.
Other quick ways to send distant healing energy: Use a picture of the person. Draw the distant healing symbol, mental / emotional symbol and power symbol on the back of the picture. Write the person's name. Then place the picture in front of you and beam Reiki to the person through the picture.
Or, do the above , hold the picture between your hand and let the Reiki flow. Write the person's name on a piece of paper, draw all the three symbols and hold the paper in your hand and give it Reiki.
Use a teddy bear as a stand-in for the person, say the person's name three times, then draw the distant healing symbol , the mental / emotional symbol and seal it with the power symbol. Then do the standard Reiki treatment on the Teddy bear intending the treatment to go the person. It is also possible to do the scanning and beaming with the Teddy Bear. If you must use a teddy bear, keep it for Reiki purposes only and do not play around with it.
If you do not have a teddy bear, you may use a pillow instead. But again, keep the pillow away and do not use this for sleeping on it.

A series of treatments should not be less than four days, but can last for several weeks, even months in case of chronic problems, as necessary.
The results of distant healing are in no way inferior to those attained by the direct method. In both cases, the energy will be the same. One advantage of the distant method is that you do not need a special place to do it in. A comfortable place to sit down is all that is necessary. Also, it does not as much time as the direct method, as the energy flow flowing through the palms is much stronger.
You can also treat yourself with the distant method, as if you are treating someone else.

Group Distant Healing

This is accomplished by everyone sitting in a circle. Each person draws the distant healing symbol, then chants the mantra three times, draws the mental / emotional symbol and chants the mantra three times, draws the power symbol and chants the mantra three times, and finally says the person's name who is to receive the healing three times. Then everyone sends Reiki to the person.