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Now that your attunements are over, and you have developed sensitivity in your palms, I would like you to sense the energy ball within your palms.  

Chant the AOG, and concentrate on the centre of both of the palms. Keep the palms in contact, bring the two hands in front of you at the level of your heart, keeping armpits open. Now, slowly separate the hands until your palms are about an  inch or two  apart. Your fingers may be slightly curved toward each other with the fingertips almost touching. Concentrate on a point between the two palms with boty your eyes and your mind. This will cause Chi ( or Ki, the Life force energy) to flow into the fingertips and palms. Can you feel a ball of energy develop between your hands. You might sense tingling sensation, warmth expanding or an energy web that is difficult to describe in words. You would feel something in the empty space between your hands. Slowly move the hands further apart until the space between the palms is about 4-5 inches. Can you sense the ball of energy growing bigger ?
Move the hands in and out a few times. And continue to increase the energy ball to about 6-8 inches. You may reach a point too far when you lose the ball. This point is different for everybody but will go on increasing as your energy body vibrations increase with regular Reiki practice and meditation. Move your hands close again and feel the ball condense.

Play with the ball in this manner. When the ball condenses, it seems to push your hands apart. Move the hands in unison upward, taking the ball in between them up.
Move the ball to the right, to the left, downwards. Return to the original position, and move them closer and apart a few times.
To close, rest your hands in your lap, turning them so that the palms face upwards. Visualize that as you breath in, you are drawing Chi into the center of the palms and as you exhale you are releasing Chi from this same point. Do this for a few breaths. It is like breathing through the palms.  

Close by chanting the AOG.  

You can do the palms breathing whenever you like, anytime of the day. This helps to activate the palms and fingertips, while increasing the capacity of energy flow.