Fine, now, here is a meditation that you should be doing  today and everyday from now on, which takes only about 7-10 minutes, about one minute on each chakra.  
Prepare by selecting a clean, airy room and wear loose clothing. Take off jewelry, belts or anything that impedes the flow of energy. Sit comfortably with a straight back on a chair or on the floor ( on a folded rug) in the semi-lotus posture if you can. Go through the following steps for this meditation :  
1. Always start a meditation by chanting the Attitude of Gratitude (AOG), and praying to your spiritual guides, archangels and healing angels asking for their help in healing you, guiding you and enlightening you. While closing, remember to thank them for having come to heal you. Appealing to them for guidance ensures that you draw in only qualified energies appropriate to the healing you need.  
2. When visualizing white light, breath in white light from the universe, watch it fill your entire body ( the breathing should be deep and long, not shallow. Keep your eyes closed lightly). On the outbreath, simply observe the color of the breath - do not visualize the color, only watch. Watching the outbreath, you may see black or grey or muddy color, continue the breathing in of white light ( you have to visualize breathing in white light) and observing the outbreath, until you find you can see the outbreath as also white. Do not concentrate too much. The idea is to relax and release tensions in mind and body. This may be difficult in the first few days, but soon you will be able to do this visualization and observing very easily.  
3. For clearing and  charging the lower chakras, breath in red light through the nose, watch it going to the base or root chakra and see the chakra spinning clockwise ( as viewed from outside the body). The chakra also should be spinning in red light with about 6 inches diameter of the outer ring. Visualize upto this point. Now observe the outbreath. Is the color red also ? It probably is not. Continue the inbreath as red light to the root chakra and keep observing the outbreath, until you can see the outbreath as red light as well. You may not see the outbreath as red on the first day, but as the chakra begins to clear and blockages are healed, it will be easy to see the red light on the outbreath.  
The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, like an inverted cone.  
Visualize each chakra in your energy field ( the aura), as a cone, with its pointed end connected to the spine, and its base protruding about 6 inches from the physical body, and spinning in clockwise direction. ( Refer to the picture on the chakra system).  
4. Do the same for the Hara or Sacrel chakra, but visualize bright red-orange light for this chakra, and observe the outbreath until you can see this as bright orange. Do this simultaneously for both the front and back Hara chakras. ( spinning clockwise as seen from outside the body.)  
The Hara chakra is located below the navel, and there are two aspects to it - the front and the back. Refer again to the picture of chakra system for the front and back aspects of the chakra. Only the root and crown chakra have one aspect.  
5. For the Solar Plexus chakra, use the color Yellow. This chakra is located just above the navel.  
When you can do this for the three lower chakras, try for the upper chakras. The colors are then: Heart (Anhata) chakra - Green, Throat Chakra - Blue, Third eye chakra - Violet and Crown chakra - White.  

( I trust the locations of the chakras are quite clear to you. Remember that these locations are actually in the aura, not the physical body.)  
Finally, try and visualize all the chakras vibrating in their respective colors simultaneously.  
Close the meditation by chanting the AOG and thanking your higher self, guides and angels.
  This color meditation will greatly help remove blocks and congested misqualified energies from the body and chakras and speed up your healing process, as well as make you more receptive to your attunement later.  
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