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Silencing the mind should not be an effort. One can never silence the mind that way. Channeling Reiki does help by focusing energy on the chakra or body point and helps draw loving attention to that part. Channeling here also means that during a Reiki session, you become a channel for the healing energy. Silencing the mind is not the goal at all. The session does help in relaxing and calming the mind though. Relaxation becomes a technique for the distracted mind to be focused. That's all. I have always found that with effort, the whole purpose of meditation or healing is sabotaged. Expectations come in the way and obstruct the free flow of energy. In Reiki, we shall not make any effort at all to either concentrate or deliberately focus the mind. We just have to be in a no-mind situation and a state of let-go, so that the Higher Self can come in. I